Milk products

Whether from our own milk or from the raw materials of our cooperation partners, we always aim to offer something special.

Landmann fluffy cheese

Creamy fluffy cheese in double cream stage in natur & herbs

Unser Hofeis

Made from regional milk from the Tegernsee - Schliersee Alpine region, 12 delicious sorts of ice cream of the highest quality.

Bavarian Farmer’s Milk

Regional product from our Alpine region Tegernsee - Schliersee. From small farms with an average of 25 cows.

Melting cheese blocks

With the secret of extra delicate melt in the flavors cream, herbs and ham in a 100 g packaging.

Mountain cheese

Hard cheese with an aromatic taste and a soft, smooth consistency. Produced with GMO-free milk exclusively from mountain farms

italian hard cheese

The alternative to origin-protected Italian hard cheeses.

Smoked processed cheese preparation

Mildly aromatic in the taste with a pleasant smoky note due to the smoking over beech wood

Erzherzog Johann hard cheese

World Champion hard cheese with 6 months maturity. Made from the best Austrian GMO-free mountain farming milk