Our services range from product development to marketing.

Sale of raw materials and food products

The main focus of our company is the international trade in raw materials and food products for further processing. Many years of experience and excellent contacts in Eastern and Southern Europe allow us to offer you a wide range of milk products. From block and bar goodsto powder and liquid products, we are the ideal partner for you.  

Raw materials:

  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Milk products
  • (Foodproducts)
Development and implementation

Our cooperation with specialist food technicians allows us to meet explicit customer requirements. From detailed product specifications to the development of new products, we have a competent team to support you.

Handling, logistics and claims management

Our team deals with all tasks connected with the contract, from the first inquiry to the delivery of goods. Our wide network means that we can always react flexibly and cost-effectively; after all, customer satisfaction is our highest priority.